Note for Shohoz Rides Riders

Shohoz Rides Pricing Policy:

Per kilometer fare: 12 tk
Waiting charge: 0.5 tk/minute
Base fare: 25 tk

*Pricing may vary

Shohoz Rides Riders Commission:

15% Commission

Please note that commision is subject to change. While any changes will be communicated to riders through App notification. There can be different commission schemes individually as well.

Shohoz Rides Surge Pricing: 

To ensure your hard work gets paid off, we have intorduced surge pricing in Hot Zones. Surge pricing is when user agrees to pay extra fare on top of the regular pricing. Riders can only avail surge pricing on the Hot Zone areas. Surge pricing depends on time of the day and day of the week as well.

Shohoz Rides Riders Payment Policy:

Payments for daily quests, discounts are made regularly, except on Friday, Saturday, Government, Bank holidays. Payments are adjusted by deducting commission.

To know more about payment policies, please read the terms and conditions

Shohoz Rides Payment hold policy:

Please note that, any riders payment is subject to hold if any suspicious activity is found. To contact please click on our facebook messanger

Shohoz Rides Support Center:

1. Mirpur Office:

    • Anushka Bhahan, 6th Floor, Plot 23, Road 1, Block Kha, Mirpur 10, Dhaka 1216. Office Time: 10 Am to 7 Pm. (Near Folpotti)

2. Robi Walk in Centres

      • Banani. (Assurance Nazir Tower (Ground floor, Plot 65, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani)
      • Shyamoli. (Shyamoli, 27/2 Mirpur Road, Shyamoli)
      • Paltan. (Orchard Faruque Tower, 72 Naya Paltan)

Shohoz Rides Riders Quest Terms and Conditions

    • Rides should be valid rides, if otherwise discount payments or quest payments will not be counted for payment.
    • Quest cannot overlap peak hour quest unless communicated
    • Quests are calculated on trip time as mentioned within the quest hour. Any ride completion other than the quest time will not be counted within the quest.
    • Quest payments are to be made on banking days and only during the banking hours.
    • Quests can vary on a daily basis and thus it is subject to change
    • All Quest communications are made through SMS, any other communications other than will not be rendered valid as of now.
    • Shohoz reserves the right to hold any payments (discount/bonus) of bikers if found suspicious
    • Shohoz reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any point of time