7dayz is a quality Biriyani restaurant which serves authentic Akhni Biriyani with a range of another delicate biriyani available in their store. They aim to serve the need of Biriyani for the people living in the port city of Chittagong.

7days menu has chicken polao which will indulge your taste buds with their soft chicken which comes with an egg. This meal will fulfil your hunger without any doubt. You can also try their Chicken Dum Biriyani. 7days prepares a different flavour using bay leaf (tejpata) in Chicken Dum Biriyani, it is a bit spicy compared to their Chicken polao. Other available items at the restaurant are Chicken chap, Beef Akhni Biriyani, Chicken polao with Egg, Chicken Dum Polao, Mutton Kachhi Biriyani etc.

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The mouth-watering Mutton Kachhi Biriyani is at the peak of the kachhi lovers which is rich in taste within an affordable price. You will be impressed with the quality and quantity 7dayz provides at their Mutton Kachhi Biriyani.  The price is reasonable, quantity is good, on top of everything you receive two pieces of Mutton which makes you feel special and happy. Basmati Rice is used to cook Mutton Kachhi, giving it a delicious aroma. It is cooked until the Mutton pieces are soft and tender. The best part of Kachhi is Alu (potato), 7dayz provides 2 medium pieces of potatoes per plate of it which is enough for a person. However, if you ask for one more piece, they will provide you without any hesitation.

7days is located at the heart of Halishohor, Chittagong. You’ll find it easily near 2 no. gate at Bayezid Bostami Road. The ambience of the restaurant is satisfactory and family dine in is possible. The restaurant stays almost full during lunch hours every day. They also serve order for Catering purposes at Wedding, Birthday Party, Events, get together etc. 7 dayz restaurant is also available at Shohoz Food. Order your favourite item from 7dayz at Shohoz Super App and get it delivered at your location. To order online at 7dayz please follow here: https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/zSiD

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