Arabian Nights Restaurant is a popular Fast Food restaurant in Dhaka. They have two branches in Dhaka, one is situated at Tajmahal Road, Mohammadpur and the other branch is at Shantinagar. They specialize in Pizza, Pasta, Set meals. Arabian Nights provides lucrative platters which covers a wide variety.

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Arabian Nights have flavourful pizza options which will make you crave for more of it. Their Special Pizza is Arabian Pizza which has good amount of Chicken Sausage spread around the pizza with 2 different types of cheese to make the pizza a must try item at their restaurant. If you want more out of this special pizza you can also try the add on items like Chicken, Beef, Extra cheese.

Arabian kabab is another must try item in their menu with option from the Kabab and Tandoori items. Their Chicken masala will give you a flavour of authentic gravy chicken that is marinated for long hours to make it soft and moist. You can try their garlic nan along with the chicken masala or reshmi chicken.

Beef hydrabadi is a gravy beef item cooked with Butter to provide a mouth-watering taste. Their crusty Butter nan is the recommended item with Beef hydrabadi. In addition to fulfil the meal you can try their Faluda which has a wide variety of items combined to compliment the heavy meal.

Arabian Nights has platters which consists of Rice, Curry, Wedges, Chowmein, BBQ wings, Chicken Curry, Vegetables and Cold Coffee, which is priced at 249 taka only. They have lucrative offers like “Buy 1 get 1 fee” at Chicken Cheese Burger, “Buy One Large Pizza and get Faluda free”.

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