Bangaliana Bhoj is one of the finest Bangladeshi restaurants which serves authentic Bangla cuisine. If you want to have a mouth-watering fulfilling traditional meal you have to try Bangaliana Bhoj. Their approach is very simple, to provide the best quality traditional items that every Bangali loves to eat. Starting from traditional bhorta to Duck gravy and Hilsha with mustard gravy, they serve them all.

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What are the special items?

Most Items available here are freshly cooked everyday to provide the most accurate taste of the dish. Starting from the Roti items, they make wonderful Kalai Roti, that is made from lentil flour and is very health. You will be needing few traditional bhorta and a duck gravy to perfectly enjoy the food. You can also try the Beef kosha (thick gravy) along with the Kalai Roti.

Another special attraction is Chicken Bhuna khichuri or the Khichuri with Duck Gravy item. This is not the usual khichuri available at the local shops, the specialty of the khichuri is it’s a bit gravy and sticky in nature with loads of chicken curry mixed with the khichuri that makes it a fantastic combination.

Let’s talk about their fish items, Boal fish Gravy is remarkable, as they collect the fresh water fishes which are usually big in size, the maximum taste of the fish can be enjoyed. Bangladeshi food culture is all about the local fishes found in the rivers. Let me introduce with the most popular fish item sold in Bangaliana Bhoj, The Hilsha fish gravy with Mustard paste. This is a special recipe slow cooked to be succulent enough to spread the aromatic flavor, to add the intensity of the greatness of the food Mustard paste is used while slow coking which amplifies the flavor. This is a must try item at Bangaliana Bhoj.

Crab dopiaza is another food they serve which is not common in most other restaurants in Dhaka. They also sell Pabda fish curry, Chicken curry, Beef Kala Bhuna (Thick dried gravy), Fresh seasonal juice, Kabab items etc.

You can easily order food items from their outlets at Bashundhara Residential Area and Panthapath or simply order at Shohoz Super App for home delivery. Choose Food section from Shohoz Super App and your order is just a few fingertips away, visit

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