It is a long day ahead and you and your friends are hungry. You want to grab a quick meal. You want it to be delicious, but you do not want to spend too much. A biriyani would just be the perfect meal and the just even the thought of it makes your mouth water! You do not need to search for options anymore. Bhai Bhai Biriyani House is just the perfect option for you!

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Bhai Bhai Biriyani House is just a small everyday restaurant. The interior is not too fancy but my oh my! The flavors that it brings! It can accommodate small group of people. It is mostly suitable for a quick meal because the place is not too cozy to sit for a long time. But if you want to avoid the overall hassle to go there just for a meal, we have a solution for you. You can order your food from Shohoz Super App through Shohoz Food. To order click:

The menu is comprised of limited items. There are Beef tehari and Special Morog Polao with egg. There are Khichuri options as well. So if you do not want biriyani, you can also take Chicken or beef or even egg khichuri. For drinks there is Borhani.

For regular lunch or dinner, or if you are looking for a place to eat in the break between two classes, or if you want just an office lunch in affordable price, this is a very convenient option. Again, there are times when you want to invite people to your house, but you do not want to cook either due to the extreme heat outside. Then you can order from here as well. This can also be a quick solution to serve the tastiest biriyani to the sudden guests at your house. So, visit them or order away!

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