Bhooter Bari- A spooky name with not so spooky food. Bhooter Bari is a very popular restaurant. The restaurant literally gives you the chills as they provide full-fledged Chinese menu with lots of diverse items, adding some spookiness to your dining experience.

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The specialty about Bhooter Bari is that, at certain times the restaurant gets all darks and ghosts start appearing from various sides. Scared much? Well not to worry! These ghosts are just some guys from the restaurant dressed up as ghosts. They entertain the people dining with their dancing to music which lightens up the situation of the restaurant, filling it up with festivity.

The interior is very spacious and can accommodate large groups. So, it is good for family events or office events as well. The popularity led them to open multiple branches to ensure they can cater to the needs of the people.

The menu is very diverse and has all the Chinese items that you might want. The popular dishes are: Szechuan Chicken, Chicken Ginger Mushroom, Prawn Special Sizzling, Beef Chili Onion, Bangkok Vegetable Curry. The foods are mostly in 1:3 proportion as it is mostly designed for groups. But if you want individual platters, there are set menu options as well. They also have Arabian Kabsa, Pasta, Pizza options if you do not want Chinese items. There are Fresh juice and shake options. In the For desserts they have Ice cream with wafer sticks, Shahi Firni and lots more.

So take your family or friends today to have a great meal together. But if you are afraid of the spookiness, you can just order the delicious food from your home. That way you can get to have the food while not having to face the “Bhoot” himself. Shohoz Food can help you to get the delivery.

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