Burger point is a new fast food restaurant. They offer a delicious menu of fast foods. They constantly attempt to improve their brand image to their customer by serving good quality food at a convenient price. The restaurant has scenic views that will blow your mind. The environment of this restaurant is child friendly too. This beautiful restaurant is situated at Larmini Street, Wari, Dhaka. Recently they partnered up with Shohoz Food to reach those people who like to order their food online. As a customer, their stylish interior and chic decor attracted me the most.

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Foodies always want to check out a new restaurant and when the price is cheaper, then they burst into it. I had heard a lot about how they serve great food to their customers from my foodie friends. Now, it was my turn to try it out. Their menu was full of spicy items. Chicken burger menu included mini burger, mini cheeseburger, chicken blast, chicken BBQ burger, steak burger, kid’s burger, special burger, mixed vegetable burger, chicken burger, beef burger. Sandwich items contained mini sub, mini sub with cheese sandwich, club sandwich, chicken sandwich. Their special items are mini burger and sub-sandwich. You will be shocked to know that the price of these special items is so cheap and convenient. They are offering mini burger at only 60tk and sub-sandwich at 70tk. Their mini sub was big on flavors. These items were so juicy and yummy. Every bite will only leave you wanting more! They also provide dessert items, which was just the cherry on top perfection for me. As I asked one of their staff about the secret of their deliciousness, he said, they always use quality products for cooking.

Their food menu also includes ice cream caramel coffee, Choco cold coffee, Choco hot coffee, seasonal fruit juice, lassi, lemonade, milkshakes, fries, shawarma, combo and so on.  It you want to try these mouth-watering items from home then order it from online platform like Shohoz Food. Click the link to order online right now: https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/Shohoz

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