Coffee Express is a fast food restaurant, offering different kinds of foods and charging cheaper cost in compare to other restaurants. This is a well decorated shop. Their way of behavior and service quality is quite good as well. Coffee Express restaurant has two branches, one is in Dhaka, house no.11, Road no.1, Mirpur 7; another one is in Sylhet which is newly started. They are associated with food ordering platform like Shohoz Food to serve their customers online!

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Coffee Express offers various burger items like beef burger, naga beef burger, BBQ beef burger, beef cheese burger, chicken burger, naga chicken burger, BBQ chicken burger, chicken cheese burger. Their special item is naga beef burger and naga chicken burger. I have been to Coffee Express many times and just loved their food every time! Their burgers are meaty and juicy. Their menu also includes hot beverages like black coffee, coffee, hot chocolate coffee, hot cinnamon butter coffee, hot peanut butter coffee, hot chocolate and cold beverage like cold coffee, cold chocolate coffee, strawberry crushers, chocolate crushers, mango churshers, orange crushers. If you are a fan of pasta, you must also try their pasta lava. This dish is very delicious, and I recommend others to try it out. Some other items off their menu includes different types of crushers like oreo crushers, crushed chocolate, chocolate blast, strawberry blast signature, nut cream blast signature, apple lemon krushers signature, cashew nut krushers, kitkat krushers. They have an unique dish called chocolate fuchka. Although I was suspcious at first, after I tried it out, believe me, it was a heavenly feeling. If you love fuchka you should definitelt taste it.

I was also impressed with the well-behaved staffs of the restaurant. They were very polite to us and gave a complementary coffee. However, I want to recommend that they should provide free Wi-Fi and the place should be expanded. If you want to try their food from home, then you  can easily order online through food ordering platform like Shohoz Food. You can click the link below to order online –

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