It is summer. In this intense heat, all you want is to have something cold. And if you are a 90’s kid, the first thing that comes to your mind is Kulfi! You have spent a good amount of time during your childhood, waiting in the balcony to hear the ting-tong bell of the Kulfi cart. Being a 90’s kid myself, if I think about Kulfi, nostalgia hits me right away. The thought of the combination creamy texture of malai, sugar and bay leaf, cardamom and cinnamon make my mouth water. Such a perfect dessert for summertime!

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To meet this craving of ours, Coolfiewala came into being. It is a restaurant which is only available through online food delivery services like Shohoz Food. They do not have any physical store right now.

Khushita’s Kulfi Malai is very popular and it has an amazing taste. Original Kulfi Malai of Kushtia is served in a banana leaf. However, back then you had to travel all the way from Dhaka to Kushtia to try this amazing Kulfi. But now, Coolfiewala has brought this authentic Kulfi of Kushita for the people of Dhaka. All you need to do is order, seat back and relax. You can enjoy the Kulfi seating at your home or office. Now not only the people of Kushtia, but if you are sitting at your home can enjoy it as well, you do not have to travel to Kushtia to experience the authentic taste of Kulfi.

Coolfiewala serves the Kulfi in a glass jar. If you ever had the original Kulfi of Kushtia, I could assure you the taste is the same. The creaminess of Kulfi will melt in your mouth. It is just the dessert you need to brighten up your day. Just go to Shohoz Super App and order from Coolfiewala from Shohoz Food

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