A lot of virtual restaurants are coming into life recently looking at the demand and handiness and one of the popular ones among them is Dawaat. Although they do not have any physical outlet to dine in, but you can order through food delivery services like Shohoz Food. They have a kitchen full of trained chefs ready to prepare the perfect food for you.

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Virtual restaurants offer a new experience. To maintain the physical outlets, restaurants must incur a huge cost. But the good part about virtual kitchen restaurants are, they do not have any such expenditures, so they can focus more on the food quality, nourishment and packaging. From packaging to food, Dawaat will offer a completely new experience. Dawaat brings to you the food in beautiful and colorful packaging, it is a treat to the eyes. The beautiful box gives a premium vibe and will automatically bring a smile on your face. The taste of the food is topnotch and the perfect packaging compliments it.

They have minimal items in their menu, but I can assure you that you will love all of them. The popular items from their menu are: Chicken Tehari, Signature Tehari, Fried Chicken Roast & Polao. For dessert they have a delicious Firni.

Many a day while watching a late-night movie with family or having a game night with friends, we start feeling hungry and there is no food available at that time. The best thing about Dawaat is they keep the kitchen open till late night. Sometimes it is open even till 3 am. Which means, you can meet your midnight cravings for food and Shohoz is always there to help you out! Just open the Shohoz Super App, go to the Shohoz Food section to order from Dawaat.  Choose your preferred food and order away!

To order click: https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/zSiD

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