Goreng – a must try for you if you enjoy having Asian-fusion food.  Goreng is name of quality food restaurant. This Asian culinary delicacy will only be available for you to enjoy through online orders.

Me? I am a big fan of Indo-Chinese and other Asian-fusion food. I have been planning to go to Bali and try out all their exotic foods- but hey, I don’t see that really happening anytime soon for me. So, whenever I come across an Indo cuisine nearby, I must try it out. That is how the love story began between me and Goreng!

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I found their menu online, through an advertisement. I still remember seeing those tasty rice platters sitting in my office, wondering I must try all of these out! Goreng Meal 01 to Goreng Meal 11, yes that’s how broad their platter menu is. Let it be, Special Chow Mein, Chicken and Egg or Mixed Fried Rice, Chutney and Scarlett Salad, Steamed Rice served with Fresh Garden Salad- all their dishes carry the unique Asian flavorings. The best part? They serve a great quantity at a highly reasonable price. Big steal for people like me!

Their expertise in cooking and balance of many Asian spices makes it scrumptious with every single bite. Everything just hits the taste buds perfectly and the poached egg on top of their meals- oh that’s the cherry on top that you don’t want to miss.

Another thing I liked about Goreng was their packaging. The food was packaged with care in good quality foil boxes. So that the food remains hot for even long hours!


You can order food from Goreng online from online food ordering platforms like Shohoz Super App. Let’s give Shohoz Food a try- (https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/zSiD  )

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