Located at 1 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka Bangladesh. Herfy is mainly a major fast-food restaurant.

This restaurant is famous for their delicious burger meals. The soft and juicy burgers at such a reasonable price is truly a steal. In each bite, you will enjoy a burst of flavors.

It has a huge menu to choose from with a lot of available options. But my recommended items that you can try from Herfy are: Double chicken burger, Grilled chicken burger, Chilli chicken burger, Chicken nuggets, Herfy’s milkshake, Herfy’s cup ice cream and more. All these foods are made fresh and solt ad a very reasonable price.

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From common items such as the Double chicken burger to more exclusive dishes like the Chilli chicken burger or Grilled chicken burger, you can choose as per your mood.  There is an amazing balance on the spices, especially in the burger items, where they are cooked to perfection. The burger buns are grilled to get that perfectly golden hue and that slight, yet delicious toast flavor. Starting from the bun, to the meat, sauce and other toppings- everything just hits the taste buds perfectly. Well if I were you, I would not miss out on ordering the perfect golden-yellow fries on the side of my burger.

The blend of perfect flavors is not the only great thing about Herfy. Their cozy and well-organized sitting arrangement makes it a perfect hangout place.  All their branches are quite spacious, so if you’re having a birthday party of a friend or a family- this can be your go-to choice!

If you are classic burger lover, Herfy is the place for you to go. You can also order online from online food ordering platforms like Shohoz Super App. Click this link to order online from Shohoz Food (https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/zSiD  )

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