Indian Style foods are very popular in our country. And hence, the Indian Kitchen comes into discussion. Indian Kitchen brought to us authentic Indian flavors and dishes, with a wide range of options. The restaurant is good for mostly lunch or dinner or evening snacks. So, it is popular for office lunch or family get-togethers.

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There are wide variety of items in the menu, all in classic Indian style. The most popular dish is the Hydrabadi Biriyani. Along with that, they have Chicken/Veg Biriyani, Plain Pulao. To compliment these, they have Beef Karai / Bhuna / Achari, Chicken Butter Masala / karai / Reshmi, Fish Karai / Tikka / Achari. They also have Beef / Fish / Chicken Tandoori Kebabs. There are Pakoras and Prawn dishes and different type of Vegetable or Dal Makhanis.

There are set menus for the ease of consumers. If you don’t want rice menus you can take Naan or Parathas. Salads are available as well. Palak Paneer or Paneer karai is the perfect dish to have on your plate if you are having an Indian style food. There is something for everybody so there is no chance to be disappointed. From the versatile menu, you can find the perfect dish for you.

The interior is cozy, designed keeping hygiene in mind. The set-up is good for office functions or family events. It is a perfect place for lunch or dinner if you want to get the authentic Indian Flavor.

If you and your family are planning to have an exquisite Indian cuisine for meal, you can visit their outlet at Gulshan. But if you don’t want to travel, yet want to meet your Indian cuisine cravings, you can also order away through Shohoz Super App. Shohoz Food has Indian Kitchen registered, to order online please click:

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