The sound of the word Kacchi makes your stomach growl, your mouth starts watering and you just want Kacchi right away to meet your cravings. Weddings without kacchi are like empty wallets, sad and unacceptable. Kacchi Bhai came to the rescue to mitigate the cravings of the people. Kacchi Bhai came into being in 2018 to bring this popular traditional flavor to the people.

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It is a cozy dine in place with spacious and neat and clean interior. Health and hygiene are given utmost priority. It is a family style restaurant and the spacious interior gives way to big groups easily. People come here with their families or friends, big groups or small groups. There are multiple outlets to cater to the Kacchi cravings of people.

Even though the restaurant is named after and popular for Kacchi. There are other items available in the menu as well. There is Kacchi or Plain Pulao, Chicken Roast, Beef Rezala, Jali Kebab, Mutton Rezala. The most popular dish is the “Kacchi Khadok” which has large bowl of Kacchi with heavy amount of meat pieces.

A special item in the drink’s menu is “Badamer Sorbet” or a shake made of nuts. It is very popular, and the cool drink gives a taste that you cannot forget. Along with that, there are Borhani and soft drinks options available. For deserts you can have Finni or Jorda.

The affordability makes it a good option for large groups. But if you are having the people over at your house or just want to enjoy a quiet Kacchi meal on your own sitting at your home while watching your favorite movie, you can order Kacchi Bhai’s food online through Shohoz Super App. Just open the Shohoz Food section, search Kacchi Bhai and order away your favorite item. To order, click:

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