Mariation Dhaka is located near BRAC University, Mohakhali. As it is situated near a University campus, they tried to keep items that are appealing to the students. It has brought tasty food with affordability for all the people.

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The interior is neat with sufficient spacing for small bunch of people. As there is a university nearby, it is mostly crowded with students. The interior has been designed in a well manner and it offers a good environment for gossiping with friends.

They offer various finger foods starting from French Fries to Chicken Fries to Spring rolls and Wontons. A wide range of set menus are available as well which are also within budget. Varying from BDT 200-350, you can choose any set menu which will meet your appetite and cater to your hunger as well. The set menus include rice item, soup, wonton, Thai and Chinese Chicken or Beef Curries. There are Indian Special set menus as well with Biriyani or Plain rice. So, if anyone doesn’t want a Thai or Chinese meal, they will have option as well.

For lighter meal there are snacks options available as well. They have Pasta or Chowmein. Wedges is a must try item from Mariation Dhaka. There are fresh juice and shake options if you want something cold. Coffees are available as well if you just want to feel a bit refreshed. It is a great place to dine in if you want food in an affordable budget and it is mostly suitable for students and young corporates.

You can visit them for a quick dine out. Or if you want to order food from them you can do it through Shohoz Super App. So, to check out their menu from Shohoz Food and to place an order from Mariation Dhaka, please click:

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