Biriyani. Whenever we hear the word, it brings mouthwatering memories and we automatically start craving for it. Biriyani is a widely popular dish in Bangladesh. Be it any family events, any big occasions or any other events, Biriyani must be on the menu. And weddings without Kacchi Biriyanis are utter disappointments.

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In Dhaka, the most famous place for Biriyanis are Puran Dhaka. Whenever we go to Puran Dhaka, there is a Biriyani house in every turn of the streets and an exotic smell fills our nostrils. And one of the most popular Biriyani places is Nanna Biriyani. If we start listing down signature biriyani places in Dhaka, Nanna Biriyani will be in the top of the list.

Nanna Mia started the restaurant at Puran Dhaka more than 30 years ago to bring the delicious taste and flavor to people and with his magical recipe and cooking style, he won the hearts of people. Starting from the corner of Puran Dhaka, it became so widely popular that it now has multiple outlets all over Dhaka city.

The most popular items of Nanna Biriyani are Mutton Kacchi Biryani, Beef Kacchi Biryani, Shahi Morog Polao, Beef Bhuna khichuri and Chilled Borhani. Along with these items, they serve a Special Morog Polao with whole chicken every month on a specific date.

The Interior of Nanna Biriyani is like any other typical biriyani restaurant. It is a bit small and due to its popularity; it is always crowded. The food is delicious. It is affordable and mostly good for a quick lunch/dinner as people keep coming all day. But if you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy your meal with time, you can order the food and have it at your home. You can avoid the hustle and bustle of Dhaka city and still enjoy the incredible food of Nanna Biriyani from Shohoz Food. Just open your Shohoz Super App and search from the food menu and enjoy the meal.

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