Mughal food has an exquisite ring to it. It has been a popular choice of food for many people since a very long time. If you are also one of them and are looking for Mughal food in Dhaka, then Nawabi Voj can be a place of your choice. Nawabi Voj is Bangladesh’s one of the finest and most exotic kebab locations.

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Chefs from different parts of the subcontinent have come together to provide the richness of the taste and to bring authentic flavor to the cuisine. They have congregated to bring the famous Mughal flavor to the people.

The key appeal of Nawabi Voj are the Indian, Afghani & Pakistani exquisite dishes. Currently, there are three outlets of the restaurant and they are situated in Baily Road, Mohammadpur and Lalbagh. If you live near any of these places, you can visit the restaurant. If you don’t want to go there, rather you want to have the Mughal experience sitting at your home, you can order online from Nawabi Voj through Shohoz Super App.

It has a huge menu to choose from. There are a lot of options available, but the popular items that you can try from Nawabi Voj are: Chicken Khichuri, Kacchi Biriyani, Chicken Roast, Mutton Khichuri, Beef Jhal Fry, Mutton Jhal Fry and all the other popular food of our subcontinent. Different kinds of shakes are also available in Nawabi Voj. You can find Mango Shake, Strawberry Shake, Papaya Milkshake and lots more. Coffee items and fresh Fruit Juice are also served here. Seasonal fruit juices are pretty popular during the afternoon hours. One of the popular deserts is Falooda. During the summer season, people keep coming back for Falooda and Fruit juices.

Dine in Nawabi Voj or to order online, go to Shohoz Super App and order your preferred food.

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