Who does not love to eat a big plate of tehari? In Bangladesh, most of the people love tehari and when the potato it is the perfect combo! If you like this combo, New Tehari Ghar is the place for you. The new tehari ghor is situated at 67, Mirpur Road, Kola Bagan, Bus Stand, Dhaka 1205. They are now providing home delivery through online ordering.

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New Tehari Ghor is one of the best places for Tehari. When you walk along, a nice smell will grab your visual mind a little. Tehari Ghar is most popular for its Beef Tehari with mustard oil. Their menu contains chinigura special kacchi, shahi morog polao, beef tehari (mustard oil), beef polao, egg polao, kacchi biryani, chicken khichuri, beef khichuri, dim khichuri, borhani. this also includes dessert items. If you do not have a sip of borhani while eating tehari or kacchi biryani, you may feel like you are missing out on something important.

I have tried their beef tehari many times. There tehari is so amazing. I will recommend to those who have not yet had a chance to check in. Once you try, you will eventually become a fan of New Tehari Ghor’s like me. If you want to take the taste from home, then you have to order online. You can easily order from online through online food ordering platform like Shohoz Food and take the taste of special Beef Tehari. You can click the link below to order online – https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/Shohoz

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