For most people, snacks mean Fast Food. If you are one of them and are looking to have some delicious snacks with your friends and family at a surprisingly low price, Oven Fresh can be your go to place. Oven Fresh is located at Uttara Sector 3 on Jashimuddin road serving delicious snacks items.

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The place is not so big and there is not much space in the restaurant with limited seating arrangement. They can accommodate small groups of people and there are times when the restaurant is very crowded. So, if you do not want to get caught up in the crowd, takeaways or home deliveries could be better options. There are easy ways to order from home and services like Shohoz Food are catering to the needs. You can order from Shohoz Super App through Shohoz Food. To order online from Shohoz Food:

They are named Oven Fresh for a reason and that is the main elements in their menu are Pizza and Pasta. The price of pizza is surprisingly low. A 12-inch pizza will cost you  BDT 210-290. You can add extra toppings by adding some more money to the price. It would still be one of the cheapest pizzas in Dhaka city. The must try pizzas from Oven fresh are Mexican Hot Pizza, Four Season Pizza, Dhaka Pizza and Chicken Pizza. The taste of the pizza is excellent, considering the money you are paying. It is an absolute value for money.

The pasta menu has two good options as well. They are: Oven Fresh Special Pasta and Europa Pasta. The pastas are rich with cheese and meat. They are juicy and makes your tummy happy. So, if you want your value for money deal, visit Oven Fresh or order away through Shohoz Food today!

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