What is Pizza Panda?

Pizza Panda is a popular name for youngsters, because of their affordability and brilliant taste. Pizza Panda is also popular for their unique variation of pizzas available in Dhanmondi. They are a cool brand who aims to be a youth brand and serve the young bunch of the crowd. They try to customize the preference of young people who loves to explore a bit further than usual in pizza. There are other shops selling pizza but when you want to indulge yourselves with the best of funky pizza you have to choose from the Pizza Panda Menu.

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What makes them special?

Pizza Panda has Pizzas with topping choices from several fruits, their pasta will guarantee you a blast of cheese as soon as you scoop up the pasta, their burger will melt in your mouth with juicy chicken goodness and cheese.  Pizza Panda offers Nashpati (Pears) pizza and it’s one of a kind, it’s a spicy, meaty, cheesy pizza with a finishing smooth sweet flavour of Pears with a bit of crunch. If you want to try something different than you regular Pizza, this is it!

Their best pizza is Four Seasons, this is a premium pizza at an affordable price range with multi variant flavours which will make you try another slice to know more about the flavours. You simply can’t try just one slice of this pizza. Cheese, black olives, thyme, cheese, beef, chicken, tomato, jalapeno and more other ingredients make the pizza look so delicious.

Chicken cheese burgers are another affordable solution to meet your hunger, the chicken patty is tender and juicy. The moist patty is dressed with kitchen made special sauce which distinguishes their taste in burger from others.


How to get these amazing foods?

They offer unique offers which instantly makes them remarkable, for example- Buy 1 Get 1 pizza, pasta, Burger offers. They are situated at Satmosjid Road beside old University of Development Alternative campus, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. They are also available online at Shohoz Food, to order online visit Shohoz Super App. To download Shohoz Super App visit https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/zSiD.

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