If you are one those people who are a fan of different type of polao dishes or khichuri, Polao Ghor is the place for you. Polao Ghor is located at Gulshan 1. Polao Ghor aims to ensure the ultimate food experience for young corporate, students and families in the tri-state region at the most affordable cost. If you want your friends and colleagues to have great food without hurting your pocket, Polao ghor is the place to explore!

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Polao Ghor is famous for lunch and dinner. As the location is in the commercial zone and there are a lot of corporate houses nearby, many office people come here for lunch. Be it birthday treat or just a team lunch, Polao Ghor can be a good option. The food is delicious, and it is affordable as well. The only problem is the sitting arrangement is not that spacious, and it does not accommodate many people at a time. Due to the high demand, the place is always crowded. However, you can easily avoid the crowd by ordering food from Polao Ghor online. Just Go to your Shohoz Super App and order your preferred item from the Shohoz Food section. A delivery agent will deliver your order and you can enjoy the meal staying at your home or office.

Popular items that you should try from Polao Ghor are: Polao with achari chicken, morog polao, polao with masala beef, aloo khichuri. They also have some set menus for the ease of complete meal selection. For dessert, they have Halwa, Laddu, Cheesecake and Polao Ghor special Firni.

If someone is looking for decent food with absolute value for money, Polao Ghor will make it in the top of the list. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Polao Ghor or order away from Shohoz Super App! To order click:  https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/zSiD


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