That one burger place that became vastly popular right after inauguration is Preetom. They started their journey back in 2013 and became the people’s choice right from day 1. The juicy and scrumptious patty, the mouthwatering sauce, the fresh onions and the gourmet buns together give the perfect taste to the burgers. The taste keeps lingering in everyone’s mouth and they keep wanting more.

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Preetom started initially with a small menu. They had burgers and fries and people would go crazy over it. Slowly, they started adding items to their menu for all kinds of people. If you don’t want burgers, not to worry. Preetom will have some other choice for you. They have various sorts of beef and chicken burgers. There are beef and chicken sandwich options, grilled chicken, chowmein and fries (both imported & local). The House Special Classic Beef Burgers and the Half-Pounder Burgers are the most popular choices of the people in Preetom.

In case of desserts, there are muffins, cupcakes and brownies. There are breads, buns and hot or cold coffees if you just want to sip on your coffee and have a relaxed afternoon with great conversation.

Initially, they started with a small outlet. It could accommodate only 10/15 people and people would have to wait in long queues for having the burger of their choice. Looking into the demand, the expanded their interior. Now it can accommodate a lot of people and no one must return without filling their tummies with happy scrumptious burgers. To cater to the needs of people from all places, they later opened multiple outlets.

So, having a burger craving? Preetom can be a good option to take your family or friends and have a fun afternoon. But if you are having your friends over to your house or want to enjoy a warm afternoon with your loved ones without having to cook, you can order food from Preetom through Shohoz Super App. Just go to Shohoz Food and to order online, please click:

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