Located at Gulshan 01, Dhaka. Purnima Restaurant is mainly a Bangla food restaurant/ Bengali restaurant. Purnima Restaurant is famous for its fresh and delicious food.

If you are a fan of true Bengali cuisine- craving rice, daal and bhorta all the time, Purmina Restaurant in your dream food place. Here, you will find Bangladeshi local food from morning to evening every day. If you want to eat low-spice foods, then you can choose this restaurant. Purnima Restaurant gives you the authentic taste of Bangladeshi cuisine. Their goal is to serve the original taste of Bengali food.

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They have different menu according to time. For example, they have an individual menu for breakfast, lunch/dinner and afternoon snacks. The restaurant is well-organized and clean; the food is made and served maintaining a good hygiene.

There are many dishes on the menu, including fresh vegetables, chicken curries, beef curries, Taki fish bhorta, Chingri  bhorta, Shutki bhorta, tomato bhorta, Dal bhorta and lots of other options are available. As main dish, you can order plain rice, different types of khichuri and Polao. You will find that not only is the meat and curries perfectly cooked, the sizes are also well cut, making it easier for you to eat. They also serve Borhani and cold drinks.

In the evening time, you can try out their snack items like kebabs, Faluda, Halim Sandwiches, coffee and more. My personal choice is always halim and a cup of tea.

It has been a popular choice of food for many working people around Gulshan area. But, food lovers from all around the city often come here to enjoy fresh, delicious and home-style Bengali food. Special meals are arranged for the event. Especially during Ramadan, Here, iftar program is organized.

No matter how busy you are, by ordering this online, you can enjoy traditional Bengali food from Purnima Restaurant. Let’s order on online food ordering platforms like Shohoz Food (https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/zSiD  ) and get your desired items. Stay home, stay safe, and eat healthy.

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