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The Bandarban Golden Temple

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is known as the Bandarban Golden Temple, which is 4 Km away from the Bandorban town.


The Sundarbans in Bangladesh

The Sundarbans cover approximately 10,000 of land and water. The total area of the Bangladesh Sundarbans is 5, (almost

soudia air con
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Soudia Air Con

Soudia Air Con – “Luxury on wheels”, is one of the leading luxury transport brands in the country. By ensuring

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Shohagh Paribahan

Shohagh Paribahan (Pvt.) Ltd. was establishment in 1973. The company is the Pioneer of the inter district luxury bus transport

St. Martin Island in Bangladesh

Did you know? The St. Martin Island is also named locally as “Narical Gingira”, which means “Coconut Island” in Bangla
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