Tehari Ghar has been serving the best tehari in town since 1987. It is not easy to maintain well status with increasing customers in a business market for a long time. Among the million fake restaurants, the original Tehri house is a small shop next to the Subhanbagh Jame mosque. Its exact location is house-2, road-13(new), Old Dhanmondi 30, Dhaka. Tehari Ghar is now also available in Gulshan and Banani. The good news is, you also order online through platforms like Shohoz Food.

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When you reach Tehari ghar, a nice smell will move your mind a little. While eating their famous Beef Tehari, the aroma of mustard oil will give your brain a little shock as it will feel nasal. The exceptional comnimation and aroma of mustard oil and small potatoes along with beef and rice will keep you mesmerized. Their menu also contains  beef bhuna khichuri , chicken biriyani- I really cannot pick one favorite item. If you do not have a sip of borhani while eating tehari or kacchi biryani, believe me, you are missing out on it.

This is the best place for Tehari addicts. This restaurant has an inelastic demand! These items will be available at price of full Plate, half plate and three-quarter size. You need to order based on how much you can eat. This is a small shop, but all the time it has a big crowd. Many customers patiently stand up and wait for the seat to be emptied and when they will get the chance of having it. Yes, the wait is worth it.

I recommend Tehari Ghar to those who have not yet had a chance to check-in. Once you eat, you will surely become a fan of Tehari Ghar’s just like me. If you want to enjoy the taste from home, then you can easily order from online food ordering platform like Shohoz Food. You can click the link below to order right – https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/Shohoz

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