The name says it all. Thai Bistro brings to you the authentic Thai flavors. They want to take you on a roller coaster ride of amazing flavors through their cuisines. It indeed is a tongue teasing paradise as they call it.

Thai bistro has a very polished interior. The interior designer has poured his or her heart out to design it and it really brought life to the restaurant. It has a fancy dining place and is great for taking your loved one out to dinner.

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They have a lot of Thai options in the menu. Starting from Appetizers to Soup to Salads and to curries, the menu goes a long way to fulfill all types of cravings. The most popular items available in Thai Bistro are: Seafood Salad, Beef Oyster, Chicken Basil Leaf, Steam fish with lemon, Fish Samrot from their hot dish menu. There are two 1:4 platters which are good for families. So, if you are taking your family to a special dinner, this can be the place.

In dessert, they have very special options. If you talk about Thai dishes, you cannot miss out on Mango with Sticky Rice. Another special dessert to have here is Sago. The delicious taste makes you come again and again to the restaurant. For drinks they have Thai Iced Tea and Seasonal Juice. So, it can be a great option during the summer. The price is not too much which makes the place a favorite choice for family outings.

So, visit Thai Bistro to experience their beautiful ambience in the well decorated interior to compliment the exquisitely tasty cuisines. But if you want to plan a perfect Thai dinner at your home, Shohoz is there to facilitate it. Just visit Shohoz Super App and order through Shohoz Food. To order click:

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