The Mughal food sounds very royal and tastes equally so. It has been a popular choice of food for many people since a very long time. If you are also one of those people who loves this royal cuisine and are looking for Mughal food in Dhaka, then The Mughal Empire is an option you can explore and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. It is one of the finest dine-ins with exotic flavors.

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The chefs are finest and experienced and are bringing the famous Mughal Flavor to the foods. They work tirelessly to bring the authentic flavors and never compromise on the taste.

The main appeal of The Mughal Empire is its Kacchi. They are serving their special Kacchi through multiple outlets. The interiors are neat and cozy. It is a good family place but cannot cater very large groups. So, if you are planning on having the world-famous Mughal food with a large bunch of people you can order it from Shohoz Super App through the Shohoz Food section.

It has a compact menu to choose from. The most popular items available are Basmati Kacchi, Rajvoog Platter where there are Kacchi platter and Plain Pulao with Chicken roast platter both available. In other words, you can try their Dhakaya Basmati Kacchi or Shahi Morog Polao.

They have a very special dish which is widely popular among the customers which is Turkey Rezala. It is a very rare dish and cannot be found everywhere. So, it is a must try if you are planning to dine here. For desserts you will get Jorda or Firni and for drinks you can get their Borhani. So, what are you waiting for? Dine in The Mughal Empire today or to enjoy the food in your home, order online through platforms like Shohoz. Please click:

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