If you are a Bengali, you must like Vorta. In special days like Pohela Boishakh or even in our usual days, Vorta with lots of spices make way to our plates. But Vortas do take a lot of hassle at times. It needs a lot of smashing and grinding. And if you don’t want to take the hassle yet want Vortas in your plates, the Bengali restaurant Vorta Vaji might be the place for you! Vorta Vaji gives you the authentic taste of Bangladeshi cuisine. Their goal is to serve the original taste of Bangladeshi food.

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Vorta Vaji Restaurant is in elephant road. It is a typical Bangladeshi restaurant with a wide range of food to choose from the menu. They have separate menu according to time. For example, they have a separate menu for breakfast, lunch/dinner and afternoon snacks. They also take order for events and deliver with utmost care towards taste & hygiene.

The restaurant is neat and clean, and food is served fresh. A wide range of Vortas are available in the menu. Vortas like chicken vorta, Taki fish vorta, Chingri/Prawn vorta, Elish vorta, tomato/papaya/eggplant vorta, Badam vorta and lots other are available. Out of all these, the chingri vorta and the Loitta Shutki vorta are most popular. Once you have these vortas, you will forever remember the taste and you will be left wanting more.

There are some other items as well. There are fish curries, chicken/beef jhal fry, Beef kala bhuna. There are Polao or khichuri options as well and for snacks you can get kebabs and Nan/luchis in the afternoon. The price is very reasonable and hence it is a good place to dine in for families or event for regular lunch or dinner. You can take your family in Vorta Vaji restaurant or if you don’t want to go there, you can always order online. To order online, search Vorta Vaji in Shohoz Super App and order away to meet your vorta cravings.

To order click:  https://k3uc7.app.goo.gl/zSiD

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