Details to avail the offer

  • Shohoz riders will get below mentioned CST Bike Tyres at a discount (From 300 Tk. Up to 500 Tk).
  • Shohoz riders can avail this offer from CST Tyres distribution point:

Navana Rahim Ardent, Apt: C2, 185 Shaheed Nazrul Islam Shoroni, Bijoynagar, Dhaka.

Contact Number: Ismail Hossain – 01914 308764, Faiez Ullah – 01760 537909.

  • Eligible Shohoz riders can purchase tires from above-mentioned address from 10am to 6pm except for Fridays.
  • Shohoz Rider needs to give 10 rides in the last 30 days to avail this offer.
  • Riders need to show their rider app and their ride history in the distribution point to avail the discount.
  • This offer is valid only for residents who are residing in Dhaka Metropolitan City.
  • This offer is for a limited time period.

Tyre Models available from Swan International

CST Tires Model & Price
Size Usage Origin Pattern Type Price
2.25-17-4PR FRONT China C102 TT 1,300.00
2.50-17-4PR FRONT China C108 TT 1,550.00
2.50-17-8PR REAR China C107 TT 1,650.00
2.50-18-4PR FRONT China C116A TT 1,650.00
2.50-18-6PR REAR China C113 TT 1,750.00
2.75-14-6PR REAR China C6004 TT 1,650.00
2.75-17-4PR FRONT China C116A TT 1,650.00
2.75-17-4PR FRONT China C919 TT 1,800.00
2.75-17-6PR REAR China C265A TT 1,900.00
2.75-18-4PR FRONT China C6412 TT 1,850.00
2.75-18-4PR FRONT China C919 TT 1,900.00
2.75-18-8PR REAR China CM618 TT 2,100.00
3.00-17-8PR REAR China C265 TT 2,250.00
3.00-18-6PR REAR China C180 TT 2,300.00
90/90-17 FRONT China C619 T/L 2,600.00
100/80-17 FRONT China CM606 T/L 2,850.00
140/60-17 REAR China C6502 T/L 3,300.00
130/70-17 REAR China C6577 T/L 3,200.00
140/70-17 REAR China C6502 T/L 3,500.00
120/80-17 REAR China CM818 T/L 2,950.00
100/90-17 REAR China C622 TT 2,950.00
100/90-18 REAR China C6017 TT 3,100.00
110/80-17 REAR China CM620 T/L 3,100.00
110/90-17 REAR China C6559 TT 3,300.00
110/90-16 REAR China CM923 TT 3,150.00
80/100-18 FRONT China C910 TT 2,100.00
120/80-18 REAR China C6017 T/L 3,200.00
3.00-17 REAR China C622 T/L 2,400.00
2.75-17 FRONT China C6868 T/L 1,730.00