Dear Partner, 

Greetings from Shohoz Food. This email is generated to give you some important updates which will make our business relationship flawless. Please find the updates listed below: 

  • For general communication with Shohoz regarding any sort of update or query, please email to
  • As per section 2(59) and 32 of the Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act 2012, discount in price at the time of supply will not include in VAT able price. So, if you have any kind of discount (restaurants own discount or co-funded discount portion of the restaurant) on your menu price or item price, VAT would be applicable on the discounted price not on menu price. We are going to migrate our billing and invoicing system according to these favorable changes of law. 
  • For transferring due commission or any sort of payment to Shohoz, please send to the mentioned bank account and please inform to this email ( after sending payment. 

Shohoz Bank Account Details 

Account Name – SHOHOJ LIMITED  

Account Number – 1501202780084002  


Branch: Gulshan 

Routing Number: ‘060261726  

  • In case of any complaint against the Restaurant for bad quality food, small portion, any unusual presentation, missing items, or item mismatch, if the restaurant found guilty, the restaurant would be liable to compensate the customer through Shohoz Food. The Restaurant will be liable for any additional costs incurred by the restaurant to appease the customer. If Shohoz Delivery services are used, logistic costs will be borne by Shohoz. In case the Restaurant uses its own in-house delivery services, the Restaurant will bear the logistic costs.  Shohoz would not be liable for such cases.   
  • All Restaurant dine-in policies pertaining to customer service in the event of the aforementioned complaints will be applicable to Shohoz Food customers. In the event that official restaurant policies and procedures pertaining to customer services do not exist, the Restaurant must compensate with:  
  • A complimentary meal of the same items that were ordered   
  • Other items on their menu of similar value, or    
  • The restaurant will issue a full/partial refund to the customer