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The Seat of Lost Dynasties

The Seat of Lost Dynasties “The Seat of Lost Dynasties”, about 8 km to the west of Comilla town, situated

Lalbagh fort in dhaka

Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka

Have you ever visited the Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka?Lalbagh Fort is the most popular and renowned fort and a great

Mahasthangarh in Bogra

Have you visited Mahasthangarh in Bogra? Share your experience with us here in comments! The word ‘Mahasthan’ means a place

saith gunbad masjid

Saith Gunbad Masjid in Bagerhat

Have you ever been to “Saith Gunbad Masjid” in Bagerhat? Widely considered to be one of the most impressive Muslim


Jaflong in Sylhet division

Have you been to Jaflong? Jaflong is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Sylhet division of Bangladesh. It


Rangamati – The Lake City

Have you ever visited Rangamati? Rangamati has been a prime tourist spot in Bangladesh since a long time now for


The Sundarbans in Bangladesh

The Sundarbans cover approximately 10,000 of land and water. The total area of the Bangladesh Sundarbans is 5, (almost

soudia air con
Bus Ticket

Soudia Air Con

Soudia Air Con – “Luxury on wheels”, is one of the leading luxury transport brands in the country. By ensuring

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